CCTV Surveillance Systems

What are CCTV Surveillance Systems?
Closed circuit television is the video technology used for surveillance of property, assets, businesses or homes. Though its application is not restricted and can be used in places where monitoring is required. CCTV is able to transmit video signal wired or wirelessly from a remote location to the monitoring system. This video is stored in hard-disk with the help of a CCTV machine.
Each type of camera is used for certain application and clarity of video output totally depends on it. If video clarity not up to the mark you will end up getting inappropriate results. To avoid unnecessary cost we recommend doing a site survey by our expert engineer. A detailed article was written on Linkedin about the importance of CCTV security systems in business.

Benefits of CCTV Systems
In today’s world, it is hard to know person behavior. We cannot trust or distrust anyone. The crime rate is increasing every year. Security systems such as CCTV work as police monitoring 24x7 in your premises. Today Criminal is afraid of doing anything when they come to know they have been monitored by CCTV. Video footage can be stored according to the requirements which possibly vary from one week to one year also. There are two types of technologies in CCTV analogue and IP based system. Both can be used according to the requirements of the site.

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