Access Control Systems

What are Access Control Systems?
Biometrics is the technical term given to human body characteristics like fingerprints, eye retina and iris pattern, face geometry, hand prints, etc. Biometric verification is used to uniquely identify the person by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits. Biometrics vary person to person that’s why it is the best solution to identify accurately any person from the crowd.
Card-based access control has a major disadvantage such as card lost or “buddy punching”. This disadvantage can be overcome by using a biometric access control system. Every person has unique fingerprints so there are no possibilities of “buddy punching” and fingers cannot be lost. And it is more secure, accurate, and cost-effective.

Benefits of Access Control Systems
Unlike keys and tokens, biometrics is never lost or stolen. Unlike passwords and PINs, biometrics cannot be forgotten. With biometrics, it can be extremely difficult for someone to break into a system. The modern organization needs to flexible, adaptive and agile to survive in the competitive business world. Biometric technology can help the organization in a variety of sectors such as business enterprise, manufacturing industries, corporations, universities, library, government, etc. Employee identification and management can be faster, efficient and more accurate with biometric systems. This also reduces paperwork for employee management and thus save a lot of your valuable time. Also, it prevents employees from fraudulent behavior and time thief.

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